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Sports Recruiting

Every year there are hundreds of colleges looking for high school athletes to recruit.  However, there are a limited number of scholarships available to the thousands of athletes looking to enter the ranks of college sports each year.  How do you get the edge?  What will improve your chances of becoming one of the select few to receive an athletic scholarship for college?  Do you know what it takes?

Here is a quick list of points to consider when preparing your high school student athlete to pursue an athletic scholarship for college:

1. Start early – Don’t wait until senior year to explore opportunities.  Start building relationships with schools and coaches as early as the 9th grade.  This allows time for both sides to evaluate and understand one another.

2. Have quality highlight videos – Quality refers to the actual footage on the recruiting video or highlight film.  Coaches don’t typically watch recruiting videos or highlight films that are difficult to see and follow.  From the mouth of a Division-1 coach, “We don’t watch them if the footage looks bad.  There is too much technology to have bad footage these days.”

3. Player profile sheet – Profile sheets give coaches a quick overview of the player.  It will list position(s), stats, achievements, future goals, etc…

4. Involve the athlete (your child) – Coaches love to see leadership and initiative in players.  Allowing your child to play a major role in the process helps develop them beyond the field.  If the child isn’t willing to do work on the front end, you have to wonder if they will be committed on the back end.  Be there as a guide along the way.

5. Don’t depend on the coach – Some coaches have high ambitions and work hard to climb the ranks.  Their time is best served by focusing on players that will improve their resume.  Other coaches will help every player he/she can.  But, in reality, there is only so much the coach can do.  If your child isn’t the team star, he/she is already down on the list of priorities.  Get involved and get it done yourself!

6. Be realistic – Your child may not be a Division-1 prospect (Alabama, Georgia, Florida, etc…).  Find schools that are compatible with your child’s skill set and abilities at that particular time.  For most student-athletes, the goal is to use their athletic abilities to get a free education.  There are multitudes of smaller colleges with athletic programs that also provide top-notch educations.  Be realistic and don’t waste time.

7. Consider this an investment – Is it worth it to spend $1,000 over 4 years of high school and not have to pay $40,000 over 4 years of college.  If necessary, pool together with other parents to make sure that your children have quality footage for recruiting videos or highlight films.  It usually pays off in the end.

The system that is successfully working with other parents, teams and clubs breaks down as follows:
$150 – Fee per game (includes travel, filming and editing to produce a master DVD)
$5 – Duplication per disc (includes label)
Scenario 1: $150 fee / 10 parents = $15.00 per parent for filming + $5 per disc = $20.00 per game
Scenario 2: $150 fee / 20 parents = $7.50 per parent for filming + $5 per disc = $12.50 per game
Scenario 3: $150 fee / 30 parents = $5.00 per parent for filming + $5 per disc = $10.00 per game

This process works best and maintains fairness when parents agree and pay in advance to ensure an accurate count of participants.
Highlight Forms To Download (Be sure to send a picture with the completed forms):